Professional Services & Consulting

Ewing Construction Services
Auburn, California

“I have found OnTrack’s independent, third-party evaluation and feedback on a contractor’s time impact analysis very beneficial in reaching the proper decision on project delay claims. They understand all the requirements that make the contractor’s CPM Schedule a useful management tool from the Baseline to the As-Built Schedule and are very good with cost-loaded schedules. I would not hesitate to recommend OnTrack as a scheduling consultant to a contractor.”
Dave Ewing, Principal/Consultant – Ewing Construction Services

University of Nevada, Reno – Parking Structure Dispute
Reno, Nevada
$28 million
Parking Structure

“OnTrack helped us to resolve a dispute that was at a stalemate between two parties. They used forensic scheduling techniques to present an independent, unbiased look at the disputed events. We were able to get both parties back to the table which ultimately avoided the costly alternative of a full blown claim situation.”
Lyle Woodward, UNR Director of Facilities Services – UNR

Isbell Construction
Truckee, California

“I have used OnTrack as scheduling support for the last couple years. They respond quickly with solutions to my scheduling-related questions.”
Mark Donahue – Project Manager, Isbell Construction