Municipalities & Utilities

State of California Central Plant Renovation
Sacramento, California
$181 million
The State of California’s central plant services the heating and air conditioning needs of more than 20,000 state employees working in 23 buildings, including the State Capitol. An extensive renovation was necessary to bring the facility into compliance with state water quality regulations. OnTrack worked in concert with the construction manager, Jacobs Engineering, as well as project executives, engineers, designers and subcontractors to create the baseline schedule from design to commissioning, including cost loading and resource loading. OnTrack conducted weekly team meetings to implement change orders and mitigation tactics as well as present critical path and cash flow reports. OnTrack also produced monthly reports on cash flows, critical path, look ahead and resource curves to update team members on key milestones and issues throughout the project.

PCWA Raw Water Pump Station
Auburn, California
$40 million
Wastewater treatment plant

“The real-world knowledge and expertise provided by Ontrack helped us to successfully complete a very challenging project. Weekly updating of our cost-loaded schedule was instrumental in achieving timely pay application approval. Ontrack’s professionalism piloted the plan for contractor earned time extensions with proper documentation of delays, “fragnet” generation and schedule impact narratives. A+ for Ontrack!”
Steven Delledera, Principal/Project Executive – Pacific Mechanical Corp

Folsom Wastewater Treatment Plant
Folsom, California
$60 million
“Weekly meetings at our jobsite with Dave from Ontrack definitely facilitated the process of getting our cost loaded schedule approved every month.”
Mike Vitello, Project Manager – Pacific Mechanical Corp

Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant
Lincoln, California
$70 million
Wastewater treatment facility

“These guys stuck with this project from beginning to end. It was a real challenge to get our monthly billing approved and we would have had trouble without OnTrack’s help.”
Mike Vitello, Project Manager – Pacific Mechanical Corp

500MW Natural Gas Power Generation Facility
$400 million

This project comprises a new 19-gate, 669,000 SF concourse; an automated people mover; a two-level structured roadway; cross-field taxiway and apron paving. The first task was to convert a 1,000-activity P3 schedule into a detailed 2,500-activity, cost- and resource-loaded P6 schedule in a mere six weeks while the project was already in progress. In addition to creating and managing a baseline schedule reflecting an extremely demanding scheduling spec, OnTrack established a weekly process for updating and documenting time impacts entailing the use of monthly submittals and narratives. We also assisted the project management team in planning for multiple interim milestones with LDs.