Pacific Gas & Electric – Hydro Generation Division

OnTrack Scheduling conducted a comprehensive implementation of Primavera P6 and managed projects totaling between $100-110 million per fiscal year for Pacific Gas & Electric’s Hydro Division. Our goals was to enhance PG&E’s control and oversight of statewide operations, which entailed the development of a universal structure to enable the utility to (1) continually view up-to-date project information, (2) demonstrate ongoing progress through detailed reporting, and (3) facilitate regular meetings with senior management teams located throughout the State of California.

OnTrack masterminded a major scheduling effort to track unit outages, dam improvements, penstock and canal repairs, and license conditions throughout PG&E’s Northern California utilities. Not only has the P6 implementation enhanced productivity and communication among all project teams, it has resulted in the following benefits:

  • PG&E now has a central data repository and a formal system for tracking progress of their Hydro System projects.
    Remote team members now have the ability to review live data via the P6 Web interface.
    Manpower allocation is more efficient, due to improved distribution of labor when and where it’s needed.
    Information is now stored in a more structured way for faster, easier access by all team members

500MW Natural Gas Power Generation Facility
Tracy, Nevada
$60 million
Power generation facility

“With more than 35,000 feet of underground piping to install in seven months and the winter season upon us, a daily focused working schedule was one of most valuable tools we had. OnTrack delivered a baseline schedule that was the blueprint for planning this complex fast track project. The peer-to-peer computer meetings helped turn the weekly reporting updates into rewarding planning sessions. Another A+ achievement by OnTrack!”
Steven Delledera, Principal/Project Executive – Pacific Mechanical Corp