Claims Consulting

Often, when construction projects aren’t completed according to plan, building owners attempt to recoup lost profits by filing claims against their building contractors and subs. Although many of these actions are unwarranted, without a solid baseline scheduling effort to document untimely or excessive design changes by the owner, many contractors are found liable.

The key to a successful project outcome in is to anticipate potential claims issues and adopt a proactive strategy for handling a claims situation should one arise. Not only can we help you prevent potential claims with a solid scheduling effort, but in the event a claim is filed, our experienced staff can provide forensic schedule analysis and damages evaluation to support your project team in the audit, defense, presentation and negotiation of disputes. Toward that end, we keep apprised of the latest construction claims trends and industry news to expertly prepare your case.

Call us for an honest appraisal of your current situation, so we can advise you on an effective strategy for wining your claim.